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Project Pericles 


About Pericles

Pericles will safeguard the European citizens from vehicle ramming attacks.

The general objective of the project Pericles is to better prevent and respond to vehicle-ramming attacks by improving physical security measures in vulnerable public spaces taking into account the aesthetic and the open and economic nature of these public spaces.

Pericles will also improve the knowledge and skills of law enforcement on how to respond these attacks through tools and trainings available to all EU members. 

 Furthermore, Pericles will raise awareness of the public on how to react in case of such an attack in a self saving manner.


Our partners

Politiezone van Antwerpen
Stad Mechelen
Lokale politiezone Mechelen Willebroek
Federal Politie België
Inspectoratul General Al
Jandarmeriei Romande
Ministrstvo Za Notranje Zadeve
Stad Antwerpen
Municipality of Ljubljana


All the publicly available documents are displayed and ready to download here.

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Funded by the European Union's Internal Security Fund - Police



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